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I am first and foremost a sinner saved only by the grace of a great and merciful God.  I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I believe in the doctrines of the Reformed faith, a historic Christianity.  I am a Christian writing for Christians.  I am a layman writing for fellow laymen.  I will be your main “guide” on this path, but ultimately I only aim to point you to the one and true guide, Jesus Christ our LORD.  In John 14 Christ said “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”  I write as one who is working out both his love for God and his desire to keep God’s commandments.

Art Sisneros


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  1. Yael Degany says:

    Wow wow wow. I read the interview with you that was published in the Texas monthly. The spirit in which you spoke/wrote the words I read was a gift you made available to me. I felt the clarity and the wide place from which your words arose. I am not a Christian, and following the Bible is not how I tell right from wrong. Yet I believe that you are communicating from a place that I can recognize, a far reaching place that connects to the best within me and to the best within us.

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